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The Future of eWL


eWL was created to give league support to any number of games that still had a player base that wanted to continue their competitive side. The consist of two Content Management Software (CMS), one side was a ladder/tournament code, while the other was using PHP-Fusion 7. But now it's 2020, and the league code is outdated, while PHP7 is out the league code still uses outdated code that requires PHP4. This site is to update the code, and combine that league code into one CMS, e107 v2.x. First is to get a bootstrap3 theme to look like the theme that OnLashoc worked on for PHP-Fusion side, with plains to make a bootstrap 4 version as well in the far future. Next is to star the league code.

This site will be use to upgrade the code, make some new functions around e107 v2.x software, and do testing to make sure their are no bugs. Because who likes to look at a bug when reporting, or confirming a win?

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