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GameQ v3 - Supported Servers (87)
Game Name GameQ Identifier State
America's Army 3 aa3 Stable
America's Army: Proving Grounds aapg Stable
ARK: Survival Evolved arkse Stable
Arma3 arma3 Stable
Armed Assault 2: Operation Arrowhead armedassault2oa Stable
All-Seeing Eye ase Stable
Battalion 1944 batt1944 Stable
Battlefield 1942 bf1942 Stable
Battlefield 2 bf2 Stable
Battlefield 3 bf3 Stable
Battlefield 4 bf4 Stable
Battlefield Bad Company 2 bfbc2 Stable
Battlefield Hardline bfh Stable
Call of Duty 2 cod2 Stable
Call of Duty 4 cod4 Stable
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 codmw3 Stable
Conan Exiles conanexiles Stable
Crysis Wars crysiswars Stable
Counter-Strike 1.5 cs15 Stable
Counter-Strike 1.6 cs16 Stable
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero cscz Stable
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive csgo Stable
Counter-Strike: Source css Stable
DayZ Standalone dayz Stable
DayZ Mod dayzmod Stable
Day of Defeat dod Stable
Day of Defeat: Source dods Stable
Days of War dow Stable
Empyrion - Galactic Survival egs Stable
Enemy Territory Quake Wars etqw Stable
Fortress Forever ffe Stable
Frontlines Fuel of War ffow Stable
GameSpy Server gamespy Stable
GameSpy3 Server gamespy3 Stable
Garry's Mod gmod Stable
GRAV Online grav Stable
GTA Five M gta5m Stable
Grand Theft Auto Network gtan Stable
Half Life 2: Deathmatch hl2dm Stable
Insurgency insurgency Stable
Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy jediacademy Stable
Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast jedioutcast Stable
Just Cause 2 Multiplayer justcause2 Stable
Just Cause 3 justcause3 Stable
Killing Floor killing floor Stable
Killing Floor 2 killing floor 2 Stable
Left 4 Dead l4d Stable
Left 4 Dead 2 l4d2 Stable
Lost Heaven lhmp Stable
Minecraft minecraft Stable
MinecraftPE minecraftpe Stable
Medal of honor: Allied Assault mohaa Stable
Multi Theft Auto mta Stable
Mumble Server mumble Stable
Natural Selection 2 ns2 Stable
Project Reality: Battlefield 2 projectrealitybf2 Stable
Quake 2 Server quake2 Stable
Quake 3 Server quake3 Stable
Quake Live quakelive Stable
Red Orchestra 2 redorchestra2 Stable
Rising Storm 2 rising storm 2 Stable
Rust rust Stable
San Andreas Multiplayer samp Stable
7 Days to Die sevendaystodie Stable
The Ship ship Stable
Soldat soldat Stable
Source Server source Stable
Space Engineers spaceengineers Stable
Squad squad Stable
StarMade starmade Stable
Teamspeak 2 teamspeak2 Stable
Teamspeak 3 teamspeak3 Stable
Teeworlds Server teeworlds Stable
Terraria terraria Stable
Team Fortress 2 tf2 Stable
The Forrest theforrest Stable
Tibia tibia Stable
Tshock tshock Stable
Unreal 2 unreal2 Stable
Unturned unturned Stable
Unreal Tournament ut Stable
Unreal Tournament 2004 ut2004 Stable
Unreal Tournament 3 ut3 Stable
Ventrilo ventrilo Stable
Warsow warsow Stable
World Opponent Network won Stable
Wurm Unlimited wurm Stable
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