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League Rules
   D2 All Pick - Rules [All Ladders]
»1.1.0a Callsigns
»1.1.0b Symbols in callsigns
»1.1.2 Pre-Match

   1.1.0a Callsigns

Callsigns / GameRanger names
Callsigns GameRanger names and game names will match. Example if your callsign is JoeSnuffy then your eWL & GameRanger name and the name that you use while playing in a eWL match should be identical.

Last Updated was on 24 Dec 2020 : 00:50 by Administrator

   1.1.0b Symbols in callsigns

Symbols in callsigns
We do not allow any symbols in callsigns if we see / { > ) ( * & ^ $ @ !" : < >=+ in any callsign we will edit the your callsign you will have (1) and only (1) warning. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

Last Updated was on 24 Dec 2020 : 00:50 by Administrator

   1.1.2 Pre-Match

Whilst in search of a match whether it be on GameRanger or any gaming platform. if you insist on making a room to wait for a challenger it is suggested to make the room name begin with the eWarrior Leagues prefix (eWL) for example "eWL (Clan Prefix) vs (Clan Prefix)". This is to ensure no confusion as to whom you are playing or to simply state the fact that you are awaiting a challenge. You may also add the size of the match you are looking for (1v1 2v2.. 8v8) to avoid unwanted challenges. The minimum size is a 3 vs 3 with the maximum size being a 8 vs 8. i.e.- eWL 3vs3 eWL CJF vs SJ TD etc.

If challenged you do have a choice whether or not you wish to accept. You do not have to accept the challenge do not feel pressured or intimidated by the challenger. However not responding to a challenge made via the league website within 48 hours or not completed within 7 days will result in a forfeit.

Once a challenge has been accepted and once the size of the match has been agreed upon by both teams you can decide what match type to play (see details below (Match Types)).

A host must then be decided. The team who was challenged (either hosting the room or was challenged through other means) has the chance to host first if they meet the hosting guideline heirarchy please see the following Hosting rules. If the host´s connection is unsatisfactory where agreed upon in the Host test the challenging unit will then have thier chance to host.

All games are a standard 1 Drop/Map.

Last Updated was on 24 Dec 2020 : 00:51 by Administrator

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